"Original handmade ceramic angels figurines, wizards, teapots, Christmas Santas, Halloween gifts!"
Heirloom Pottery

Handmade Ceramic Angels, Wizards, Tea Pots, Fairy & Hobbit Houses, Vintage Pins, Christmas Items, and much more!

~ By Clay Artist Debra Ventimiglia ~

Ceramic Angels figurines

If you collect angels, you'll love our very special handmade Angels... created entirely of stoneware and English porcelain clays!

Each is approximately 15" tall is holding a freeform heart in gold, and was carefully hand glazed with an opalescent overglaze finish with hand painted detail.

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Ceramic Wizard figurine

Our Wizards are available in a small and large size, and can be made from stoneware or porcelain clay. These unique pieces are completely handsculpted and come in a variety of glaze finishes.

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Clay Tea Pots

These tea pots are originally hand decorated works of art. They are wheel thrown and meticulously glazed pots made of English Porcelain clay and truly wonderful for all your decorating!

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Ceramic Lighted Fairy + Hobbit Houses

These delightful lighted fairy and hobbit candle houses are made from stoneware clay. Each vine, leaf and flower is meticulously sculpted and glazed by hand -- no molds are ever used.

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