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"Handmade ceramic collectibles gallery... angels, wizards, Halloween & Christmas pottery"
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    "Angels" ... Original limited edition, signed Angel Figurines Ceramic Angels designs
    "Miniature Angels" ... Handcrafted miniature porcelain Angel Figurines, signed by the artist Miniature Angels
    "Lil Boy Angels" ... Sculpted of porcelain clay, with sweet faces, scuffed shoes & wrinkly toes. Little Boy Angels
    "Fairies" ... Exquisitely detailed, hand painted with Gold and opal accents. Fairies
    "Wizards" ... Large Wizard figurines, original designs, limited edition, signed by the artist Wizards
    "L'il Wizards" ... Miniature porcelain Wizard figurines, signed by the artist Little Wizards
    Special Commissions ... Are you looking for a truly unique piece for yourself or as a gift? I can sculpt it for you! Handmade Tea Pots
    "Tea Pots" ... One of a kind, wheelthrown, original artist teapots, signed by the artist Handmade Tea Pots
    "Candle Houses" ... Original Candle House sculptures, one of a kind, signed by the artist Lighted Candle Houses designs
    "Christmas" ... Santa Snowmen figurines, Old World Santas, Minature Santas, & Christmas Candle Houses; signed. Christmas designs
    "Mini Sets" ... Miniature Christmas sets, Snowmen figurines, carolers, elves, Christmas trees & presents; limited editions, signed. HP mini sets
    "Halloween" ... Heirloom's special Halloween Candle House with ghosts & pumpkins, plus the Halloween Snowmen! Halloween designs
    "Functional Pottery" ... Handmade pottery for your home or to give as a unique gift. Handmade Functional Pottery
    Here are a few examples of HP pieces that have recently sold to satisfied customers... Items that have sold
If you would like additional information or have a special request, feel free to contact us directly via [Phone] or by [EMAIL]
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