Deb with Angels for RettHeirloom Pottery's "Angels for Rett"!

Heirloom Pottery is proud to announce the "Angels for Rett" charity program. Heirloom Pottery has created a line of handmade angels which are one-of-a-kind and are hand made using stoneware & English porcelain clays.

For every angel purchased, Heirloom Pottery will make a generous donation to the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation or to the International Rett Syndrome Association in your name. Click the "Enter" button, then go to our "Angels" section to see the full selection!

"Thanks so much for your check from the "Angels for Rett" program. Your contribution will go toward the support of programs that help us help people every day. May God bless your generosity."

Kathy Hunter -- Parent, Founder and President
International Rett Syndrome Association ...